Sanskar Tiwari 5 min read

How to blur Screen Recording

So hello everyone in this video i would like to show you how you can hide sensitive information, on the screen while doing screen share or maybe recording a video

so this is what happens In our day-to-day life, we are sharing our screen we are sharing um screen share videos online and a lot of the time there are sensitive information which we don't really want to share

Just a quick example there can be your email id, your address your name stuff like that which is on your screen

Now doing this in post production, If you're using simple applications like imovie it's gonna take you more than 15 to 20 minutes just to add that rectangle and you know track every keyframe that it's actually hiding sensitive content

If you're using some other tools it might be a little bit less but again it's not even something we like nobody wants to do in the post-production and blur sensitive information

So with the blurweb app you can hide sensitive information while recording so that you don't have to do anything in the post production

Hide Sensitive information while screen sharing.

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